Manufacture Processes  

CORE (Magnetic Circuit):
Core manufacture is realized by out experienced employees in our factory by using modern slitting, length cutting and annealing machines. This enables us to minimize loses of our cores and realize our manufacture in a rapid manner.
According to specifications of transformers, cores are manufactured from magnetic silicone still sheets (metal sheet with silica) with low loss and directed particles. As the main core materials, we use, M3, M4 and M5 and from time to time high permeability grade materials like MOH, ZDKH are also used. Grain oriented silicone still sheets are purchased as rolls and all operations on them like slitting, length cutting, annealing if needed, and stacking are made in MAKSAN facilities and core is obtained.


Cylindrical coils, which have more strength against the loads in short circuit conditions, are used in power and distribution transformers. Excluding HV coils, LV and HV conductors of small type distribution transformers are insulated by wire insulation machines in our plant by using insulation materials that have insulation characteristic. Cellulose based insulation materials that are not harmful for environment are used for coil manufacture. Used insulators are insulated according to their functions. Transformers are made resistant to atmospheric over voltages by using wires insulated with horizontal and vertical conductor insulation machines. MAKSAN creates a difference by emphasizing these issues. LV coils of distribution transformers are manufactured from strip or band materials and HV coils are manufactured from flat and round conductors. Various winding manners like layer winding, folded winding, radial channel winding, etc. are used in power transformers.


Tank and cover manufacture of power and distribution transformers excluding radiator and corrugated walls are made in our factory. Tanks and covers are manufactured in short time in high quality with our modern machineries according to their technical drawings and specifications. Sandblasting facility in mechanical workshop sandblasts all metal parts that are at active part of transformer and contact with transformer oil. Sandblasting operation is carefully applied on outer surfaces in order to obtain a long life for primer and finish in various environmental conditions. When manufacture is completed transformer tanks are tested for pressure and leakage checks before applying primer. In line with demand of customers, bushing cases or cable boxes in IEC and BS standards can be manufactured.


Components that compose active part of transformers are assembled in assembly department. Tap changers, bushings and all connections are realized. Additional insulation is applied to certain sections against possible over voltages. Active section is reinforced with additional supports in order to increase its strength. After assembly active section is dried in vacuum oven with solvent vapour. Transformer drying time of vacuum oven with solvent vapour is about 1/5 of the time required for classical drying ovens. Short time prevents aging of insulation materials used in transformers. Unwanted substances like oil, dirty, dust, rust on any part of transformer are cleaned with solvent spraying during the process. Using ovens with solvent vapour that can obtain high vacuum in production of hermetic and power transformers is very important for product quality. MAKSAN uses solvent vapour/spray vacuum oven for all transformers it manufactures or repairs. After drying operation, transformers are automatically filled with purified transformer oil under high vacuum (under 0.1 millibar).



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