Points to be Taken into the Consideration
when Selecting Product  

MAKSAN believes that not only TEDAS, TSE and transformer manufacturers, which has important responsibility for preventing high losses in unloaded and loaded conditions in our country, where there are significant efforts for preventing high energy losses and reaching world standards in this field, but also electricity users may contribute to this significant problem by selecting proper transformers.

High losses in unloaded and loaded conditions of transformers are costs borne by economy of the country and customers. When it is considered that life of transformers is 20 years, losses in transformers either when electricity is consumed or not are reflected on invoice of the consumer as noticed or unnoticed costs. Each month during 20 years, the user pays this cost, which is not caused by active use.

Such costs cannot be neglected by both our country and industrialists in a period when energy is very valuable. For this reason, whether transformers are manufactured in accordance with technical specifications and standards of TEDAS or not is a very important issue .

MAKSAN believes that customer satisfaction to be achieved with its "Manufacture with Strict Quality Control" principle that has been believed and accepted as its basic principle together with its employees is the guarantee of its future.



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