Quality Assurance System 

MAKSAN, which accepted manufacturing transformers compliant with legislation as well as national and international standards by using modern technology and exceeding demands and expectations of its customers as its basic principle is the first enterprise that received TS 267 and TS 1055 certificates related to transformers in our country.

"Production Quality" principle that has been accepted since establishment has been continued by receiving ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate in 1995, ISO 9001-2000 version from TSE in 2003, ISO 14001 Environment Management Certificate from TUV and URS in the same year and was awarded with 50th Anniversary Quality Award by TSE in 2004.

Short circuit withstand ability tests, that determine product quality were conducted in international laboratories for each product groups and positive test certificates were received.

MAKSAN, continues quality control with participation of each employee to each stage of production. Each employee accepts the next production stage as his customer and transfers the product to the next production stage after performing quality check. Quality control department inspects control documents and apply additional inspection at strategic points of production. Thanks to this system, production moves quickly with necessary and additional controls and modifications are made if needed.

MAKSAN, believes that customer satisfaction provided by the products manufactured with "Producing with high productivity and minimum cost without sacrificing quality" approach it believes and accepts as its basic working principle with its employees since 33 years is the guarantee of its future.



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