Test Processes 

Routine and type tests specified in TS 267, 1055, IEC 60076 standards, excluding short circuits withstand ability type test, other tests can be made in our test laboratories. Short circuits withstand ability type tests for all product groups of MAKSAN have been conducted in international laboratories and positive results have been obtained.

In line with quality policy of MAKSAN, products are carefully checked by its experiences staff in each stage of production.

Routine Tests:
  • Measurement of voltage ratio and determination of connecting group
  • Measurement of winding resistances
  • Measurement of short circuit impedance and load loss
  • Measurement of no load loss and current
  • Applied voltage withstand ability test (Body test)
  • Induced voltage withstand ability test (Sipir test)
  • Measurement of insulation resistance (Megger test)

    Special and Type Tests:
  • Heat run test
  • Impulse test (Lightening impulse test)
  • Measurement of noise level
  • Measurement of zero sequence impedance
  • Oil, breakdown voltage test and power factor test (25 C° and 100 C°)
  • Test reports of all delivered transformers are achieved. In line with demands of customers, test report of each transformer delivered in previous years (25 years) can be easily obtained thanks to our achieving system. Statistics related to test are recorded and updated.



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